Purchase of a Home

Mortgage Loan for the Purchase of a Home

Making one of the most important decisions of your life, purchasing your first property, will undoubtedly bring about many questions. Going from being a tenant to being an owner is a very promising decision, you are investing in your own future. However, the gains are multiple and very real, and you must put your purchase project in perspective to be convinced. Several steps are important to follow to make your dream come true.


A little tip to help you save time and money: meet with a mortgage broker before you start looking for your dream home!

This way, you will know exactly what your borrowing capacity is, which mortgage products are available to you, which one is right for you and you will be able to reserve the best rate. Doing this will protect the rate against increases for a period of up to 180 days. This period will allow you to find a home without worrying about a possible increase in interest rates. This step will demonstrate the seriousness of your approach and thus increase your credibility when negotiating the purchase of a property. Certain information is useful to obtain your pre-authorization.

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As an employee, your stable economic situation is a guarantee of solvency in the eyes of financial institutions, which do not hesitate to offer you more mortgage options. You benefit from a wide range of mortgage products to choose from, but only a mortgage broker can present you with such a wide range of choices.

There are more than 165 mortgage products available from the largest financial institutions in the country. You can obtain fixed, variable, open, convertible, closed, discounted, mortgages.

Please see information for self-employed workers


We have loans for people arriving in Canada and who are willing to buy a property. A landed immigrant status is required. Since some individuals have little or no income, they generally do not meet the financial criteria of traditional financial institutions. As a mortgage broker, I can simplify your transaction.

What you Need to Know:

—If you wish to acquire a property with one to two units, you will have to make a 5% down payment;

—However, if you are thinking of buying a property with 3 to 4 units, you will need a 10% down payment;

—Finally, if you intend to buy a property with 5 or more units, you will need to plan a 15% down payment.

Required documents:


—Letter of employment

—Pay stub

—Accepted full offer to purchase

—MLS file

—Preview of background


—Notice of assessment

—Income tax report or financial statements

Rental building:



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